We all have a set of laws by which we govern our lives. Some are stated and examined, while others guide and inform our actions without our conscious knowledge of them. A truthful examination of these laws finds that some laws that we claim to hold to are “aspirational” in nature, and do not see results in our daily lives, while others are “active” in nature, effective in governing our day to day, minute to minute, decisions.

Despite the assertions of some, we have free will and the ability to make meaningful decisions. When we observe our decisions and actions, we can come to understand what is truly important to ourselves as individuals. Likewise, we can and should take proactive steps towards altering our priorities so that we can act in concert with what will be the highest good. These priorities can and should be informed by eternal laws and truths as set forth in the Scriptures and the words of the prophets.

The purpose of this blog, then, is to give me a place in which I can examine these eternal laws and truths in an effort to make them my own. This process should displace internal laws and influences that are in conflict with those that I am adopting. In connection with this process, I will continue with the projects I have undertaken on my “Gospel Study” site, which may also have resources that are of interest to the reader. The intended audience of this blog is myself alone, though I hope that some might find things of use or interest.

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