Christoffel Golden, Jr.

First Quorum of the Seventy (March 31, 2001 – Present)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 2013 General Conference
    • The Father and the Son
      • “Our quest for eternal life is nothing other than a quest to understand who God is and for us to return to live with Him.”
      • “It is true that the power or influence of the Holy Ghost may on occasion be felt, according to the will of the Lord, by any person irrespective of that person’s religious persuasion. But the full measure, or gift, of the Holy Ghost comes only after a person has received, with “a broken heart and a contrite spirit,” the ordinances of baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands.”
  • October 2007 General Conference
    • Small and Simple Things
      • “Everyone who will live the gospel of Jesus Christ daily and endure to the end will gain eternal life—this is the promise of the Lord.”
      • “Brothers and sisters, may we discover anew the divine power of daily prayer and the convincing influence of the Book of Mormon and the holy scriptures. On Sundays, when partaking of the sacrament, may we do so in the spirit of true devotion to Him who is the giver of all things.”
  • October 2001 General Conference
    • Our Father’s Plan
      • “It is the heartfelt desire of all the faithful to keep their second estate. We are not left alone to find our way back home. The Lord has set up His kingdom on the earth wherein the elect of God can be gathered.”
      • “In the Lord’s loving care, He has provided us with all of the essential resources required to forge our way through the many pitfalls placed before us by the evil one.”
      • “We need not fear but with faith follow our Heavenly Father’s great plan of happiness. Our call to all is to come and receive of the grace and mercy of the Lord, for He is mighty to save and will never forsake us!”

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