Mary N. Cook

First Counselor in the General Presidency of the Young Women (March 31, 2007 – April 5, 2008)

Second Counselor in the General Presidency of the Young Women (April 5, 2008 – April 6, 2013)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 2010 General Conference
    • Be an Example of the Believers
      • “Be an example of the believers in faith. Actively strengthen your own faith and testimony of Jesus Christ, thus preparing to testify by word and example to your children.”
      • “Clarity can only result from having both hands on the rod and from living by the truths found in the scriptures and the words of latter-day prophets.”
      • “Look around in your ward and stake for leaders and friends who are examples of the believers and learn from them.”
      • “Young men and young women, you can start today by being an example of the believers in faith and in purity. Strengthen your faith and testimony daily through scripture study and prayer. Keep your baptismal covenant, which will keep you pure and worthy of the guidance of the Holy Ghost. You can start today to be that example for others to follow.”
  • October 2007 General Conference

    • Strengthen Home and Family
      • “All families need strengthening, from the ideal to the most troubled. That strengthening can come from you. In fact, in some families you may be the only source of spiritual strength. The Lord is depending on you to bring the blessings of the gospel to your family.”
      • “The new year was an opportunity for our family to make some changes. In the many months that followed, we established family patterns of righteousness. We prayed together, studied about the ordinances of the temple, paid tithing, and attended our meetings regularly—as a family. Shortly after my brother returned from his mission, we were prepared to receive the ordinances of the temple. I knew the Lord had heard and answered our prayers as we surrounded the holy altar in the temple and were sealed as a family for time and all eternity.”

Other Talks

  • March 2013 General Young Women’s Meeting
    • When You Save a Girl, You Save Generations
      • “Your covenant path began at the time when you were baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. It continues weekly in sacrament meeting, a holy place where you renew your baptismal covenant. Now is the time for you to prepare to make temple covenants.”
      • “Living the gospel in your home will also add oil to your lamp and weave spiritual strength into your home now and bless your future family in countless ways.”
      • “Decide now to do all you can to fill your lamps, that your strong testimony and example may be woven into the lives of many generations—past, present, and future. I testify that your virtuous life will not only save generations, but it will also save your eternal life, for it is the only way to return to our Father in Heaven and find true joy now and throughout eternity.”
  • March 2012 General Young Women’s Meeting
    • Seek Learning: You Have a Work to Do
      • “Seek learning by studying diligently. Rarely will you be able to spend as much time dedicated to learning as you can now.”
      • “Young women, follow the advice of these wise and inspired prophets. Be a good student. Arise and shine forth in your schools with hard work, honesty, and integrity. If you are struggling or discouraged with your performance in school, seek help from your parents, teachers, and helpful Church members. Never give up!”
      • “The time is now for you to diligently apply yourselves to increasing your spiritual knowledge—drop by drop—through prayer, scripture study, and obedience. The time is now to pursue your education—drop by drop. Each virtuous thought and action also adds oil to your lamps, qualifying you for the guidance of the Holy Ghost, our divine teacher.”
  • March 2011 General Young Women’s Meeting
    • “Remember This: Kindness Begins with Me”
      • “Have you ever felt lonely? Do you notice those who are lonely, living in a black-and-white world? Young women, I’ve watched as you bring your unique color into the lives of others with your smiles, your kind words, or a note of encouragement.”
  • March 2010 General Young Women’s Meeting
    • Never, Never, Never Give Up!
      • “The scriptures are full of accounts of men and women who showed great courage to do whatever the Lord commanded, even when the tasks seemed impossible, even when they may have wanted to give up.”
      • “We each need the help of the Savior to follow the plan and return to our Father in Heaven. Perhaps you have made some mistakes or started down another path.”
      • “You will need that peace and assurance when Satan tries to confuse you with winds of doubt, when you are tempted to take another path, or when others are unkind or mock you for your beliefs.”
  • March 2009 General Young Women’s Meeting
    • A Virtuous Life—Step by Step
      • “My mother knew that life would be difficult and that to remain virtuous would be a lifelong challenge. She wanted me to have the blessings of the gospel to guide me and help me meet that challenge.”
      • “Daily habits of righteous behavior will also help you to continually hold fast to the rod.”
      • “You will never be alone on your journey because the Savior will always be with you, and you can repent. You have been blessed with the Holy Ghost to comfort and guide you. Look to the examples of the believers in your life, and seek to help others on their journey.”
  • March 2008 General Young Women’s Meeting
    • Anchors of Testimony
      • “As you learn from the scriptures, I know the Lord will bless you with His Spirit, and like the young women we heard from tonight, your understanding will be enlightened. The scriptures will increase your faith and help anchor your testimony.”
      • “Some of you may feel that you can’t rise above the polluted pond, that your circumstances are too difficult, your trials too hard, your temptations too great.”
      • “My dear young sisters, your testimony of Jesus Christ is your anchor. Strengthen your faith by following this pattern of prayer, study, and obedience to the commandments. Drive down stakes by deciding now what you will and will not do, and then act on your plan.”

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