Eduardo Gavarret

First Quorum of the Seventy (April 5, 2008 – Present)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 2014 General Conference
    • Yes, Lord, I Will Follow Thee
      • “As you strive to come to Him, you will gain the power to relieve life’s burdens, whether physical or spiritual, and experience a positive inner change that will help you be happier.”
      • “The decision to “come unto me” and “follow me” is personal. When we accept this invitation, our level of commitment is raised, and it is then that we can “walk with Him.” This level establishes a closer relationship with the Savior—the fruit of our accepting the first invitation.”
      • “The effort and the determination to seek Him and to follow Him will be rewarded with the blessings we need.”
  • October 2008 General Conference
    • Returning Home
      • “Through the years our family has lived in different countries, and in each one of them we were able to find within the Church the same feeling of warmth from members in every ward we attended.”
      • “Each member of the Church should have the opportunity to experience such pleasant feelings, and they can experience these feelings through our efforts of reactivation and missionary work.”
      • “In fact, we express our love for God when we serve and when this service is focused on our neighbor’s well-being.”
      • “Let us remember that love and service are like twins who seek each other’s companionship.”

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