Lowell M. Snow

Second Quorum of the Seventy (April 2, 2005 – October 1, 2011)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 2005 General Conference
    • Compass of the Lord
      • “The Lord provides guidance and direction to individuals and families today, just as He did with Lehi. This very general conference is a modern Liahona, a time and place to receive inspired guidance and direction that prospers us and helps us follow God’s path through the more fertile parts of mortality. Consider that we are gathered to hear counsel from prophets and apostles who have prayed mightily and prepared carefully to know what the Lord would have them say. We have prayed for them and for ourselves that the Comforter would teach us the mind and will of God. Surely there is no better time or place for the Lord to direct His people than in this conference.”
      • “My brothers and sisters, prophets and apostles through the ages are our compass from the Lord. His direction through them is plain; the charted course from them is sure. His path, like His yoke, is easy. But do not be deceived by the easiness of His way, assuming it to be a small matter or a thing of naught, but rather take care of these sacred things and look to Him so you can be like Him and live with Him—forever.”

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