Alonzo A. Hinckley

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (October 11, 1934 – December 22, 1936)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1935 General Conference
    • The Leaders of the Church
      • “I ask for your deliberate consideration and your feeling of reverence for the authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What a variety of men constitutes the General Authorities of this Church! When any problem comes before them, think of the various viewpoints that are brought to bear in its solution, and think of the safety and security of each solution as it goes out to the people with the wise recommendations of all.”
  • April 1935 General Conference
    • The Army of the Lord
      • “These are men possessed of faith in God our Father and in Jesus Christ, our Lord. These are men who put on the full armor of righteousness and have forsaken Satan, the arch enemy of God and all that he stands for. These are men who were cleaned by baptism by immersion, men who have received the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands of those in authority; men unto whom the Lord has revealed his purposes concerning the salvation of men and the redemption of the world; men who have taken upon themselves and adopted every principle and order and practice of righteousness, and have now received the priesthood, with authority to speak and act in the name of the Lord.”
      • “We must be struggling to that end, laying off every weakness, developing every inherent power, being added upon by the Holy Ghost, making our lives such that we have a right to officiate in the name of the Lord. That is the secret of our power.”
  • October 1934 General Conference
    • A New Call
      • “No soul, in the presence of my father, was ever permitted to lift his voice and speak words against the Authorities of this Church, without my father offering an objection.”
      • “My father prayed; he didn’t say his prayers. We knew what was in his heart. We knew that for which he struggled, and we followed him.”
      • “Our greatest sermon in every case, I think, is our manner of life. Do we testify with our lives that we have found the truth, that we love the truth, that we live the truth, and that the truth and the living of the truth brings into our lives, soul satisfactions that cannot be found elsewhere or in any other way?”

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