K. Brett Nattress

General Authority Seventy (April 2, 2016 – present)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 2016 General Conference
    • No Greater Joy Than to Know That They Know
      • “If all that your children knew of the gospel came from you—as their only source—how much would they know?”
      • “Is there any greater gift that we can impart to our children than a memory burned deep into their hearts that we know that our Redeemer lives? Do they know that we know? And more important, have they come to know for themselves that He lives?”
      • “I am grateful for angels throughout the Church who boldly and lovingly proclaim eternal truth to Heavenly Father’s children.”
      • “I am unaware of anyone who is diligently reading the Book of Mormon each day with pure intent and with faith in Christ who has lost their testimony and fallen away.”
      • “He forgave the seemingly unforgivable. He loved the unlovable. He did what no mortal could do: He provided an Atonement to overcome the transgressions, pains, and sicknesses of all mankind.”
      • “I don’t know if anything in this world could bring more happiness and joy than to know that our children know the Savior.”

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