James A. Talmage

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (December 8, 1911 – July 27, 1933)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 1912 General Conference
    • Easter
      • “Let us not deny the literalness of the resurrection as made known through the revelations of God. We believe that we shall in very truth die, and that the spirit—that immortal part of man, which existed before the body was framed, and which shall exist and continue to live after that body has gone to decay, that spirit shall take upon itself again this tabernacle of earthly element, immortalized, however, and destined to serve it as a fit garment through all eternity.”
      • “The Latter-day Saints have been charged with great literalness, with astounding simplicity, and as one critic put it to me, with a brutal materiality, in their doctrine. We acknowledge the charge in the sense in which it was meant, although we may object to some of the adjectives. The Latter-day Saints are just so simple-minded that they are willing to believe the Lord when He speaks, and take Him at His word. We rejoice in the hope and the assurance of a glorious resurrection. We rejoice in the work that was inaugurated at that first Easter period, for and in behalf of the dead.”
      • “The temple-building spirit manifested among the Latter-day Saints is the spirit of absolute unselfishness; it is the spirit of Elijah, the spirit by which the feelings of the children are turned toward the fathers, and the feelings of the fathers are directed toward the children; for no man stands upon this earth alone.”
      • “He did not base His doctrines upon what the prophets who had gone ahead of Him had said, though He referred approvingly to many of their inspired utterances ; but He spoke from the knowledge He had within Him, and He spoke by reason of the authority that He held; and thus was He distinguished among the teachers of the day, and therefore did He compel attention.”

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