Oscar A. Kirkham

First Council of the Seventy (October 5, 1941 – March 10, 1958)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1956 General Conference
    • Keep The Sabbath Day Holy
      • “Through the years one commandment has been intensified because of my travel in many lands, and my association with many people, to make it really part of my life. I recite briefly the fourth commandment: Keep the Sabbath day holy.”
      • “On the Sabbath day every person shall attend religious meetings; fast, if desired, but always fast on the day designated as fast day; partake of the Sacrament, another opportunity, with all its great teachings; bear testimony of the Lord’s truth and goodness. I call your attention especially to the next: Make right any misunderstandings with your fellow men. Do all things with singleness of heart toward the divine purpose of the Sabbath day. It then becomes a day of blessing, rejoicing, and prayer. When this is done, life-giving satisfaction comes from a Sabbath well kept.”
      • “Latter-day Saints of today often face the question: “Are we expected to observe the Sabbath day in the spirit in which the original commandment was given, or have changing conditions modified and liberalized our living so that we may engage in some activities which in the past have been banned?” To every Latter-day Saint the answer is: Keep the Sabbath day holy.”
  • April 1944 General Conference
    • Have Faith in the Youth
      • “I wonder if it is fair to say it is juvenile delinquency. Maybe it’s juvenile judge and father delinquency. Maybe that’s the truth. Of course some are delinquent, but I want to appeal to you to have faith in them.”
      • “We must learn to live together and face truth and speak it as God gives us light.”
  • October 1943 General Conference
    • Prepare for Missionary Work
      • “To have faith in God and a testimony of the divine mission of the Prophet Joseph Smith—these great truths hold the secret of abiding peace.”
      • “How humble, prayerful, and thoughtful we should be as we face this great task, this opportunity to do so much good.”
  • April 1943 General Conference
    • This is a Great Time
      • “I want to join with that spirit. I do not want to feel that this is just another war and that the thing will be repeated over and over. I want to lend my faith with the youth of this day that this job shall be faced and faced right. And I appeal to you brethren to join in that faith. Give them that uplift. Give them that true hope as I sincerely feel it for there shall be a new day. The young man who wrote the music to this song, the words that I have just read, wrote that famous Seventh Symphony, the greatest piece of realistic music that has ever been written, according to the world’s critics, and it had its birth and its writings at the siege of Leningrad. And that is only in one field. If you dare to step over into science, yes, into many other fields, you would see a great world in the making.”
      • “The greatest question of our time is not Communism vs. Individualism—not Europe vs. America—not even the East vs. the West. It is whether man can bear to live without God.”
      • “A great trust is placed upon this body of Priesthood. We who are here this night, more than any other group in all the world, must answer that hunger. We must fulfill that word of the Lord.”
  • October 1942 General Conference
    • Seed Corn
      • “Among the many things which we may do, I suggest—A greater and deeper sincerity among us—we who are called to lead.”
      • “May we preserve and train these youth for their great destiny. And if we do our part sincerely, humbly, and aggressively, lo, the Lord will work the miracles with us and our hearts shall be filled with courage and joy.”
  • April 1942 General Conference
    • A New Calling
      • “When the First Presidency of the Church set me apart, I asked President Grant if he had any official word for me, any instruction. He said: “Yes, Oscar. Express yourself freely in council. Say what you have to say, freely, but when a decision is made, line up.” I will tell you that those are words of wisdom. In my opinion that is democracy in its very essence.”

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