Oscar A. Kirkham

First Council of the Seventy (October 5, 1941 – March 10, 1958)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1956 General Conference
    • Keep The Sabbath Day Holy
      • “Through the years one commandment has been intensified because of my travel in many lands, and my association with many people, to make it really part of my life. I recite briefly the fourth commandment: Keep the Sabbath day holy.”
      • “On the Sabbath day every person shall attend religious meetings; fast, if desired, but always fast on the day designated as fast day; partake of the Sacrament, another opportunity, with all its great teachings; bear testimony of the Lord’s truth and goodness. I call your attention especially to the next: Make right any misunderstandings with your fellow men. Do all things with singleness of heart toward the divine purpose of the Sabbath day. It then becomes a day of blessing, rejoicing, and prayer. When this is done, life-giving satisfaction comes from a Sabbath well kept.”
      • “Latter-day Saints of today often face the question: “Are we expected to observe the Sabbath day in the spirit in which the original commandment was given, or have changing conditions modified and liberalized our living so that we may engage in some activities which in the past have been banned?” To every Latter-day Saint the answer is: Keep the Sabbath day holy.”

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