Henry D. Moyle

First Counselor in the First Presidency (October 12, 1961 – September 18, 1963)

Second Counselor in the First Presidency (June 12, 1959 – October 12, 1961)

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (April 10, 1947 – September 19, 1963)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 1948 General Conference
    • “Feed My Sheep”
      • “It is generally understood that the Lord here enjoined those engaged in his work to teach the gospel, to impart spiritual strength to those who may be spiritually weak. As those who profess to follow the Savior, none of us can escape that serious responsibility.”
      • “Can our prayers ascend to the throne of mercy and be heard and answered, as we humbly desire, unless we practice charity in our lives? Must we not give of ourselves and of our means in helping others? Good intentions alone are not enough. Charity is not a virtue to expect in others only. It is the all-important Christian attribute to be found in ourselves.”
      • “This great principle does not deny to the needy nor to the poor the assistance they should have. The wholly incapacitated, the aged, the sickly are cared for with all tenderness, but every able-bodied person is enjoined to do his utmost for himself to avoid dependence, if his own efforts can make such a course possible; to look upon adversity as temporary; to combine his faith in his own ability with honest toil; to rehabilitate himself and his family to a position of independence; in every case to minimize the need for help and to supplement any help given with his own best efforts.”
      • “We believe it is seldom when men of rigorous faith, genuine courage, and unfaltering determination, with the love of independence burning in their hearts, and pride in their own accomplishments, cannot surmount the obstacles that lie in their paths.”
      • “We know that through humble, prayerful, industrious, God-fearing lives, a faith can be developed within us by the strength of which we can call down the blessings of a kind and merciful Heavenly Father and literally see our handicaps vanish and our independence and freedom established and maintained.”
      • “There is an infinity of difference between the sack of flour that comes over the back fence from your next door neighbor and a sack that is sent to you from Washington.”
      • “It can be truthfully said of both men and women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that they do not do their full duty, so long as all means are not shared with mother or father, brother or sister, son or daughter in need.”
      • “Can we hope to be charitable to the stranger if love does not abound in the family?”
  • October 1947 General Conference
    • Necessity and Value of the Welfare Plan
      • “There is another thing that is close to my heart today, and I seem impelled to speak upon it, and that is that the bounties of this earth have been promised to the Latter-day Saints and to all the children of our Heavenly Father if we keep the Sabbath day holy. We certainly have plenty of reason to give this matter consideration in connection with our welfare work. One of the earliest commandments that were given to man was that we should remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.”
      • “This great welfare program of ours is calculated to bring father and son, and son and father into that close relationship and communion that Paul would have had exist in the Church his day. And it is just as essential to us today that we should do it. I want to say that tied in with that great principle is the great eternal principle of free agency that all of us prize so highly. We had to have our free agency in the councils in heaven, and through the use of that free agency we chose to come here to work out our temporal salvation and through our obedience to the laws and commandments of God to become literally his sons and his daughters.”
  • April 1947 General Conference
    • Strength of the Gospel
      • “It goes without saying that we do in this Church what we are told. I have never understood that it was my privilege as a member of this Church, holding the priesthood, to say no. I have never had a desire in my heart to do anything other than that which the brethren direct. While I may feel as if some of the things that they have most recently asked me to do are beyond my power, nevertheless so far as my Heavenly Father will give me the power to act I shall do so, and all that I have and am belongs to my Heavenly Father.”
      • “Brethren and sisters, my faith in this gospel is such that I do not confine my obedience alone to that which I find in the scriptures, but I believe that our obedience should be pledged, that of every one of us, to every word that comes from the mouths of the prophets and the representatives of our Heavenly Father here upon this earth. To me that which the Presidency of this Church have said and say now, is as much the law and the gospel as anything that has ever been said or written before for our guidance.”
      • “I hope and pray that I may be blessed in my ministry with the wisdom that comes from above, and never be tempted to rely upon that which comes from the world.”

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