James A. Cullimore

First Quorum of the Seventy (October 1, 1976 – September 30, 1978)
First Council of the Seventy (April 6, 1966 – October 1, 1976)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1970 General Conference
    • How Do You Draw God?
      • “Men everywhere seem to be confused as to what God is like. Strange, incomprehensible concepts of God have been taught apparently to enlighten men, but in their uncertainness they only tend to further confuse men.”
      • “I believe sincerely that our faith in God, our works of righteousness, and our sincerity of purpose are greatly determined by our concept and understanding of God. If, like the young lady trying to draw God, I can’t visualize him, if I don’t really know him, how can my faith in him be strong? How can I really pray to someone I don’t know?”
      • “It is man’s purpose in life to learn to know God, to know the nature and kind of being God is, and then to conform to his laws and ordinances; to progress, to be exalted to that high state wherein man becomes perfect as the Father is perfect.”
  • April 1970 General Conference
    • The Responsibility of Membership in the Church
      • “The Lord expects us to be obedient to our covenants. Great blessings are promised us as we are obedient, both temporal and spiritual, the greatest of which is eternal life. Likewise, condemnation follows disobedience. The Lord expects us to be strong and conquering as we exercise our agency.”
      • “It is of utmost importance that we stimulate proper desires in our lives, by study, by teaching, by constant activity.”
      • “The degree to which we receive help from the Lord for the guidance of our lives depends upon ourselves. We must be in tune with the Spirit to receive and understand its message. We must be worthy.”
      • “The guidance that we seek from our Heavenly Father greatly depends upon our obedience to every truth known to us. By our good works we demonstrate to the Lord our obedience.”
      • “Yes, membership in the Church carries with it the responsibility to live the gospel and overcome temptations. May we always have a strong desire to serve the Lord, remembering that the surest way to keep the faith is by being actively engaged in the work of the gospel.”
  • October 1969 General Conference
    • Easing the Sting of Death
      • “Knowing the beauty of God’s plan for the salvation of his children sometimes makes even death beautiful. We understand that death is a very necessary part of the great plan of salvation and that it is the means of the separation of the body and the spirit, in which the spirit returns to God and the body returns to the earth.”
      • “Possibly one’s concern about not having lived well is really in not knowing what his real purpose in life is. Real peace of mind comes from a firm conviction of the plan of salvation as revealed to us of the Lord; that we are the children of God, created in his image; that he is the Father of our spirits; that we lived with him in a glorious spiritual existence before this temporal existence; that this mortal state is probationary; that through death and the resurrection, having lived a worthy life, having complied with the ordinances of the gospel, we might enter again into the presence of God. Peace comes as we know the gospel and live it, as we develop a strong testimony of its divinity, as we are vindicated by the Holy Spirit in our good works.”
      • “It is our witness to the world that the gospel of Jesus Christ, as revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith, contains the direction and understanding of eternal life, that by abiding by its principles and teachings and by complying with its ordinances, one might have peace and satisfaction by the vindication of the spirit, and whether in life or death they will know all is well—death will have no sting.”

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