Milton R. Hunter

First Council of the Seventy (April 6, 1945 – June 27, 1975)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1946 General Conference
    • The Justice and Mercy of God
      • “Every act that we have committed and every word that we have spoken have come about as a result of our thoughts. Your character and my character today are the results of the complete sum of all our thoughts. Thus a man is literally what he thinks.”
      • “Human beings are so prone to flatter each other and to use the art of sophistry that a true measure of character cannot always be accurately ascertained by the words we speak.”
      • “God our Eternal Father is both merciful and just. He is very merciful in that he gave to the human family the gospel; and to be completely just, he requires each of us to obey every word that has come from his mouth.”
      • “If it is true that our bad unspoken thoughts are recorded against us, will it not be just as true that all our good thoughts unspoken, the kindness, tenderness, sympathy, pity, love, beauty, and charity that enter the breast and cause the heart to throb with silent good, find remembrance in the presence of God, also? Yes, I firmly believe that all of our good impulses and thoughts will find remembrance with the Lord just as much as will the evil that we have thought, said, or done; and certainly since God is our loving Father, he will remember the good with a greater degree of satisfaction and joy than he will the evil.”
  • April 1946 General Conference
    • Missionary Work
      • “The Protestant Reformation, which resulted in the establishment of numerous Christian denominations—approximately two hundred and fifty of them existing in America today—bears unimpeachable evidence to the fact that a great apostasy did occur as the Master and the prophets of old had predicted it would. Martin Luther, John Calvin, the Wesley brothers, and the other protestors against the erroneous doctrines which had corrupted Catholicism did not claim divine restoration of the Holy Priesthood nor of the principles and ordinances of the gospel.”
      • “Thus every missionary that is called by the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ and set apart by one duly authorized goes into the mission field to speak and act in the name of the God of Israel, and the actions performed are as valid as if Jesus Christ did the missionary work personally. Furthermore, these missionaries are the only servants of God in the entire world who have been divinely appointed, called, chosen, and set apart by the powers of heaven to preach the gospel to the world.”
      • “History records no human experiences filled with greater love and acts of unselfish sacrifice than those connected with the story of the missionary work of the Latter-day Saint elders. During the past one hundred years, thousands and thousands of them have left their homes when called and have traveled over land and sea, paying their own expenses, to preach the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Hunger and fatigue, and on certain occasions, even imprisonment and martyrdom have been experienced; yet each Latter-day Saint missionary declares that his services while preaching the gospel gave him the happiest experiences of his entire life.”
      • “Remember, missionary work is not the work of any man. It is God’s work, and we have been given the opportunity to help him accomplish his holy purposes. He is directing the missionary work of the Church of Jesus Christ today through his prophet, President George Albert Smith, even as he has done whenever his Church has been on the earth. Thus missionaries are being sent into the world in increasing numbers. Last month one hundred and fifty of them were sent to various parts of the earth to carry good tidings to the honest in heart.”
  • October 1945 General Conference
    • Life is Sacred
      • “Human life is sacred to the Latter-day Saints—as sacred and precious as anything that exists—because of its divine nature. God has revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith and to the other holy prophets that we are his children, the divine offspring of heavenly beings. Men and women in general are the greatest of God’s creative work, being made in his own image, and endowed through inheritance from our heavenly parents with godly characteristics just as mortal children are endowed with the characteristics of their earthly parents.”
      • “This beautiful doctrine of the divinity of man does not detract in the least from the glory and great exaltation of God the Eternal Father. It merely dignifies and exalts man and makes human life more sacred and purposeful. It fills the universe with meaning, with design, and attaches to life a goal; and an understanding of this doctrine should fill man’s heart with love, charity, and good will toward all of the human family.”
      • “We maintain that life and religion are the same thing: that religion is a seven-day-a-week concern of our people, and that it concerns itself with the temporal as well as the spiritual phases of life.”
      • “A life of joy is a life free from sin.”
      • “In other words, the Mormon concept of the purpose of life is growth—growth intellectually, growth physically, growth morally, and growth spiritually. We call that principle of growth, eternal progression. Mortality marks one short span in the process, but to us today it is the most important period, because God has declared that if we keep this estate in righteousness we shall have glory added upon our heads forever and ever.”
      • “It is positively true that the growth, the eternal progression, for which life offers opportunities reach their culminating point in a life patterned after that of Jesus; therefore, it is the purpose of life to live as the Savior taught us to live and as he himself lived.”
  • April 1945 General Conference
    • A New Call
      • “Before closing my remarks, I would like to bear my testimony. I know that God lives. I know that Jesus the Christ is his Beloved Son. He is the Savior of the world, the Redeemer, the author of the eternal plan of salvation. I know that God, the Eternal Father, through his only begotten son, restored the gospel upon the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith in our dispensation; that it is the true gospel; that it is the power of God unto salvation. I know that if we live by these eternal principles we shall gain a great reward, even that of eternal life in the kingdom of God. I know that our Heavenly Father is good; that he hears and answers prayers; that he is gracious and kind even beyond our comprehension; and that he delights in blessing those who keep his commandments. The Holy Ghost has borne this testimony to my soul so strongly that I am as sure of these facts as I am that I live. I pray that I may ever live worthy enough to retain this testimony.”

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