Carl W. Buehner

Second Counselor in the Presiding Bishopric (April 6, 1952 – September 30, 1961)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 1955 General Conference
    • The Time Is Now
      • “I think, brethren and sisters, possibly the first thing I would do is to make peace with everyone that I have learned to know, and I would do some fast repenting, even though it might not be very effective. It would be better to be in a repentant mood all the time.”
      • “Have you ever discovered when you return to the point where you begin your detour that that time is lost? You cannot turn your watch back. You cannot turn time back. We have just lost two hours or four hours or two hundred miles of that journey, and it is gone forever.”
      • “I have learned, too, that while there are many roads that come to Salt Lake City to bring you to general conference, according to the scriptures there are only two roads that we can travel as it pertains to our spiritual life. One is the broad road that leads to destruction and damnation—the other, the straight and narrow road that leads to life eternal.”
  • October 1954 General Conference
    • Home Teaching
      • “I feel this about ward teaching—that it is the one program in the Church that literally extends its arms around the entire Church. That other units only have the ministry of their particular organization, but if we do one hundred percent ward teaching, we will have a visit in the home of every member of the Church every month. In these days where there is great concern and many problems, I know of no finer program than to have two fine ward teachers visit and bless each home, leave a message of inspiration and encouragement, and invite the membership of the Church to attend the various meetings of the Church. It becomes, to me, the one organization that can get into every home in the Church every month.”
      • “Sometimes I think, brethren, somebody ought to break our ankles or our arms to help us appreciate the possibilities we have.”
  • April 1954 General Conference
    • Your Check Up
      • “My message this morning has to do with overweight and underweight. We are a great people to check up on each other. We have our plans, our schedules, our programs, and our organizations. I should like to suggest this morning that it might be a good idea to check up a little on ourselves. I know the first look I have of myself as I peek in the mirror early in the morning is really quite frightening, and then when I realize what the next fifteen or twenty minutes can do with the aid of a few common implements we find in the bathroom, such as a comb and brush (for those who need it), a razor, washcloth, toothbrush, etc., for the men; and for the sisters, some cold cream, a little rouge, face powder, and lipstick, the transformation brings confidence and courage to face the problems of another day. Then when you arrive at work, and someone greets you by saying, “Good morning, you look fine,” you are so enthusiastic that you can conquer anything that comes your way. The day seems cheerful and bright.”
      • “The Lord has promised wonderful blessings from keeping the commandment of the fast.”
  • October 1953 General Conference
    • Individual Testimonies
      • “The strength of the Church is in the individual testimony of its members, and as I have traveled about this Church, I have had some wonderful manifestations, and I have heard some very thrilling experiences.”
      • “May we be loyal, may we be faithful, may we accept the responsibilities that come to us and do them faithfully and do them well.”
  • April 1953 General Conference
    • Being Faithful
      • “I tell you, brethren and sisters, that probably the great difference between the true Church of Jesus Christ and all these other denominations is in that very statement—that those who have accepted the truth know where they are and know where they are going, and I doubt that the rest of the Christian world can say that thing.”
      • “I would like to tell you today that I hope we starve the devil to death, that we give him no business, and that we devote all our time and all our energies to doing the work of the Lord. I think that is one way we are going to bind Satan, by not letting him have influence concerning us.”
  • October 1952 General Conference
    • Teachers to Children
      • “If we just remember, brethren and sisters, who we are, we can be great teachers of our religion by living our lives in conformity to these great teachings. It has already been said in this conference that we are known the world over. The eyes of the world are upon us, and wherever we go, whatever we do, how we treat our fellow men and how we live our lives, we are watched and observed by someone.”
      • “I hope, brethren and sisters, that we will have a desire to set an example for our boys and our girls that they, too, will become strong in the faith. I can’t help feeling that unless our youngsters are taught the right way of life, they are not going to be strong fathers and mothers in the years to come. They need our help, and I hope they will have it.”
  • April 1952 General Conference
    • Goodly Parents
      • “I’ll appreciate always that I learned to work. I was the eldest of the family, and as our family grew, my parents had quite a struggle in their early days in making a livelihood. As we became old enough, we had to learn how to do something ourselves. As I grew old enough to go to high school, I loved athletics as much as I did an}fthing else, and I finally had the privilege of playing football and basketball and baseball and other things, but I think as a freshman at high school I was the first man who left the football practice field and hurriedly took a shower and ran to my home so that I could be working in our back yard when my father came home from work. It was only a few years after, that my father accompanied me to many games and watched some of my younger brothers.”

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