Marriner W. Merrill

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (October 7, 1889 – February 6, 1906)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1897 General Conference
    • The Divine Origin of the Church
      • “I have always looked upon it as a very dangerous thing for a member of the Church to find fault with the servants of God, to criticise the actions of the Priesthood, because in my experience here with the people I have witnessed many, apparently good men and good women, turn away from the Church through indulging in this spirit of fault-finding and criticising the actions of the Priesthood.”
      • “As I said before, I know this work is true; and if I deny the work of the Lord, it will be because I get into the dark and lose the spirit of it. We are liable to do this. Hence it is not safe for a Latter-day Saint to forget his prayers, and to forget the Lord. We should make it the practice of our lives to entreat the Lord in the morning, and in the evening, and at midday, and have within our hearts the spirit of prayer.”
      • “Hence the importance, my brethren and sisters, of trying to cultivate the spirit of humility, of meekness, and of kindness, and attending to the labors, that pertain to us in the Gospel. There is something for everybody to do. We have all we can possibly do if we live the religion of Jesus Christ.”
      • “No man knoweth the things of tomorrow, unless God reveals them to him. We know the things of yesterday, if we have not forgotten them; but we do not know of the things of tomorrow. Hence the importance of all Latter-day Saints living according to the light that has been revealed to them.”
      • “The hands of the Elders of the Church have been placed upon our heads, and it has been said unto us, “Receive ye the Holy Ghost,” and we have a right, if we have sincerely repented of our sins and turned unto the Lord with full purpose of heart, to a witness. My conviction is that no man need be without a testimony of this work, whether he be young or old. The Lord is no respecter of persons, and we may know for ourselves, for our private use and good.”
      • “We ought to sustain our Bishops, and not speak evil against them, or against the Counselors, or the Teachers, or the officers of the ward. Let not our tongues be found speaking evil against our brethren. It tends to darkness and to sin, and will lead whoever indulges in it out of the Church, unless he or she repents speedily. It is a dangerous thing to be found criticising the authorities of the Church—not that they are perfect men, because no man is perfect. It is possible that I may do wrong—that I may give some wrong counsel; but that can easily be corrected, because here are the living oracles of God, and they are worth more to the Latter-day Saints than all the Bibles, all the Books of Mormon and all the Books of Doctrine and Covenants that are written. The Bible is a good thing, the Book of Mormon is a good thing, and the Book of Doctrine and Covenants is a good thing. They are the words of the Lord. But I say that the living oracles of the Church are worth more than all of them.”

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