Reed Smoot

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (April 8, 1900 – February 9, 1941)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 1903 General Conference
    • Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
      • “I wish that every family in Zion understood the value of cleanliness in the home. I have often said that a clean home does not, of necessity, mean a mansion; no matter how small the home may be, the father and mother, and particularly the mother, should be interested in keeping that home free from all filth.”
      • “One of the greatest evils of our day is that there are so many wilfully motherless wives. Closely connected with this is another, the wilful laziness of men who do not properly provide for their wives.”
      • “Every child born into this world has a right to a tender and loving welcome. It has a right, by laws of nature, to claim this of the father and mother; but in the world today—and I fear it is creeping into our midst—mothers and fathers do not want many children. They “do not want to be bothered with them,” as it is so often said.”
      • “The danger of our becoming lukewarm is not from without—the danger is within.”
  • October 1902 General Conference
    • Debt
      • “Failures are not made in times of depression. In hard times men’s creditors try to make them pay up and crowd them pretty closely, and while a failure may occur in hard times the cause of it began in prosperous times, when credit was easy.”
    • How to Get out of Debt
      • “I consider it is a sin in the sight of God to waste anything that He has created, either in its original state or changed by the labor of man.”
      • “I have always insisted that under all circumstances and conditions economy is necessary. You will find that it is necessary in every condition of life, whether the man be a millionaire or the humblest and poorest soul that walks the face of the earth; economy, not in dollars and cents only, but it also relates to the use of time, one of God’s gifts that He will hold us all responsible for. Watch every expenditure, and see that nothing is wasted.”
  • April 1902 General Conference
    • The Bread of Life and Truth
      • “I tell you God will not allow this Church to be overthrown or given to another people. If it was possible for Satan to destroy this work, he would have accomplished it in its infancy.”
      • “I want to testify to you today that this people, who have been chosen of God, will yet teach the world the way of life, and the only way to get back into the presence of God. The world may not believe it, and they may hold out against it as long as it is possible; but the word has been spoken that this people, governed by the revelations of the Almighty, shall yet be a light unto the world and teach them the way back unto eternal life.”
      • “What if we did control four western states? What if we controlled all the western states? I testify that if it were so there would be no man or woman living within the borders of those states but would have absolute liberty. No authority in this Church would ever take one whit from them of their rights.”
      • “I hope to God that every mother and father in Israel will watch carefully their sons and daughters. Be a little suspicious of them, if you can do it in a way that they will not realize it. Examine what they read; learn where they go, and who their associates are. There are so many fathers and mothers who think that it Is some associate of their children who is the bad one, while perhaps it may be their child that is the bad associate of others.”
      • “I ask the fathers and mothers of Israel to not only watch, but pray with your children. Make them your confidants; salute them with a kiss; keep them within your love; make them feel that no soul that lives has such an interest In them as you have; make the home just as happy and comfortable as possible for them, and keep them around home and under home influence as much as you can. There is no greater comfort to you in this life than a worthy son or a pure daughter.”
  • October 1901 General Conference
    • The Future of Zion
      • “The offer of Jesus to act as mediator and redeemer, according to the plan decided upon in the council of the Gods, was accepted, and the plans and services; of Lucifer were rejected. In his anger Lucifer rebelled against God and Jesus, using the very agency of which he had just attempted to rob all of God’s children.”
      • “In passing I want to leave my testimony that God has given us the law of tithing, and He blesses the person that lives strictly in accordance with it. The blessings of the Lord are upon those who pay their tithing, no matter what the amount may be. I testify to you that people who live to this law have more comfort and peace in their homes, are more contented in their souls, have more faith that the Lord will answer their prayers, have more pleasure in fulfilling the requirements of the Church, and more confidence in the promises of God, than those who do not live this law.”
      • “I believe that the “Mormon” people, as a whole, look after their poor better than any other people upon the earth; and yet we are far from living to the requirements that are made of us as a people.”
  • April 1901 General Conference
    • The Imitation of the Gospel, and Bringing it Forth
      • “I want to call your attention to the fact that in the healing- of the sick in this Church the power comes from the Lord, and not from man. It is by the prayer of faith that the sick are healed; and, as I look at it, there is no need of having this simple ordinance of administering to the sick enshrouded in mystery, or any addition whatever to the simple form given by the Apostle James or revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith.”
      • “I believe, my brethren and sisters, that the time will come when every ordinance of the Gospel will be imitated in some form or another by the world, and this should be a testimony to every soul that Mormonism is from God.”
  • October 1900 General Conference
    • Work and Union
      • “I do not believe that the love, union and determination of the Presidency and Twelve were ever greater since the Church was organized than at the present time. Our desire is to do nothing but that will advance the interests of the Church and Kingdom of God. We want the people to be prepared for the coming of the Son of God —which I say to you, my brethren and sisters, is nearer than many of us anticipate.”
      • “I want to say to you, my brethren and sisters, that the law of tithing is not a question of dollars and cents alone. I believe that the man who pays his honest tithing to God will not only be blessed by God himself, but that the nine-tenths will reach farther than would the ten-tenths if he did not obey that law; for the man who believes in the law of tithes and offerings, believes also in the other requirements made by God of him, and he does not spend money in breaking the Sabbath day, nor in going to places where his very soul is in danger of partaking of things that are not good for a Latter-day Saint to receive.”
      • “The old saying that to travel by the road of bye and bye will reach the home of never, is just as true today as it ever was. Let us live our religion today. Let us do the duty of today.”
  • April 1900 General Conference
    • A New Call
      • “My life in the past has been in a business direction more than in any other way, and now that this change has come and this call from God has been placed upon me, I hope and trust that I will do nothing—aye, I would rather lose my right arm than to betray the confidence you have placed in me this day by voting for me in this position.”

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