Anthon H. Lund

First Counselor in the First Presidency (April 7, 1910 – March 2, 1921)

President of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles (November 23, 1918 – March 2, 1921)

Second Counselor in the First Presidency (October 17, 1901 – April 7, 1910)

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (October 7, 1889 – March 2, 1921)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1897 General Conference
    • Missionary Work
      • “There is this difference between the work of God and the work of man—the work of God has a perfect Author, what He commands is not an experimental thing, but is something that was seen beforehand. The consequences were known before the law was given. By studying the word of God as given through His prophets, we find that He knew as well thousands of years ago what was for the best good of His people as today, and that when the prophets spoke of Zion they saw it, understood how it should be built, and could foretell the Lord’s dealings with His people.”
      • “We want to be laborers in Zion, and work for the cause of Zion, and not for other objects—that is, not to make them the only objects of our lives. It is not forbidden us to work for money. We have to do this, to make our living; but the Prophet meant that we must not make it the sole aim of our lives, to enrich ourselves and gain wealth. The love of money is the root of all evil, has been said, and said truly. Not the money itself; for rightly used, I believe it is a blessing. But I am afraid that many are not willing to use this blessing aright.”

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